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VR K Class drawings now available.  we will list the drawings on the weekend in the online shop. Drawn for 5" gauge a full set of plans are now in our possesion for immediate dispatch.. Further VR drawings to follow over the comming weeks. 28 sheets for both the engine and tender. $260. Casting to follow as demand warrants.

3/16" Dia copper tube annealed. 250 metre roll arrived today. Now $8.95 a metre.  At Bolton Scale Models it makes no difference to us what the others charge, we can beat it every time.

We have a contract to build a 5" 6 wheel electric locomotiv plus drivers car. 24 volt system with  3 x 500w motors ( each with their own controller) 4QD technology. We will keep you posted as we progress once i finish the two loco boilers and the vetical that is going out on saturday.

Keep your eye on our home page for a new range of C&N tooling, drills, end mills, slot drils etc. Of course we will continue to have the excellent range of Dormer, Sutton and P&N tooling available. All of our prices are published. If you have to ask for a price, it is too expensive))))  Happy Steaming - Kelly

E & J Winter - Bolton Scale Models