Trading Terms

This website lists a small pecentage or available products. We reserve the right to invoice all goods at the price ruling at the time of dispatch. The price list overides all web page prices where duplication occurs. Although extensive stocks are retained the listing of items does not imply immediate availability.

Australian Customers
All prices shown are NET and include GST. Packing and postage is charged extra on all shipments so please allow sufficient to cover this item and avoid delay.Visacard and Mastercard; Australian money orders and personal cheques are all acceptable. We do not accept C.O.D. and PLEASE do not send cash in the mail but cash is quite acceptable for calling customers!  Any cash sent in the mail will be returned and your order will not be processed.  Please send a cheque instead.
Overseas Customers
GST does not apply to goods for export. Packing and Postage is charged extra on all shipments so please allow sufficient to cover this item to avoid delay. Visacard and Mastercard are all acceptable as are Bank drafts made payable in Australian Dollars. Please note that personal cheques in your currency are NOT ACCEPTABLE. We do not accept C.O.D. and PLEASE do not send cash in the mail.
Mail Order Invoices
Any item marked "to follow" has been recorded and will be forwarded when new stocks arrive. Do not re-order as duplication will occur. Other items not forwarded will be covered by an explanatory note either on or with the invoice.
Special Orders and Out of Stock Items: Any item or items for special orders or out of stock items must be paid for in full before an order is placed with out suppliers. We do not accept the return of goods for prepaid items. 
Please address all mail correspondence to
PO Box 9440 Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia
Phone 0401 257 758
If leaving a message please leave your name and number and a brief message and we will return your call. 
Our email address is:, emails are the best way to contact us regardless of time. 
Calling Customers
Calling customers are by appointment only, please call us for details.
Materials: Materials are listed by a minimum length. This is the minimum length i will charge.  Materials are available in 300mm, 500mm, 600mm, 1000mm and bar length 3000mmm-6500mm. I will cut to any size but will charge the minium length.

Minimum Order Value: We have no minimum order value for orders however we do have a $4.00 minimum postage and packaging charge.
Telephone Calls:  Please call us on  0401 257 758
Checking your Package Please check you package upon arrival against items listed on the inovoice. Should there be any shortages, incorrect goods or damage in transit please advise within 3 days for reciept of package via email.
Postage and Freight
Charged on all orders, plus small charge for packing. Please allow sufficient to cover the cost. Materials: For large quantities please state minimum lengths acceptable. This will ease the problem of packing N.B.: the Post Office will not accept parcels over 1 metre long. Items over weight or over length will be forwarded by other means All orders  are sent via registered post. All orders are sent via registered post and insured.  
All of our products are guaranteed by me.  It is for this reason that we do not source any items from developing countries.  All our castings are guaranteed. A defective casting should be returned immediately with a note indicating the defect. After 28 days should a defective casting be found the product will be replaced at our cost  including the cost of return of the item if prior arrangements has already been made. The casting will be replaced if accepted by us as defective, but will not be the subject of a claim for compensation for labour or other expenditure. Please ensure that the casting supplied is suitable for the model under construction before machining. Castings machined but unsuitable for the model cannot be exchanged. Please choose plans carefully as we do not supply drawings on approval or accept the return of plans for credit due to almost inevitable damage in transit. The cost of individual plans from sets can however be credited towards the later purchase of the balance of the set. Use our fast direct mail service. We freight any item in this catalogue to anywhere in the world. 
  • All orders received  through any medium  are considered to be bona fide contract for the supply of goods as stated on your order.
  • Any order cancelled prior to cutting of materials will be charged a 25% restocking fee.
  • Once material has been cut or specially ordered we are unable to cancel your order and will dispatch your order as listed. Failure to pay will result in listing with a credit reporting agency
  • Should your order be of such insignigicant amount and therefore not worth reporting we will simply remove you from our system and not supply in future
In view of price fluctuations we reserve the right to invoice goods at the price ruling at the time of despatch. All goods forwarded at purchaser's risk.
All items regardless of value or size are sent via registered post. Any returns should also be sent via registered post. Any returns sent without registration will not be accepted and returned to the sender.