Order Processing, Phone Calls, Emails, Account Customers

Order Processing

Upon receipt of an order it is placed in the pile for processing.  At the time of placing your order I will endeavour to provide a reasonable assessment of the time frame for processing your order based on the number of orders ahead of you. It is our policy to ship all orders as fast as we can with the stock available at the time. If you require bolts or setscrews and the length is not in stock we will ship the next longest size available at the price of the ordered size.  We have three people working full time within the business seven day a week.  Depending on the number of phone calls and calling customers during a week we process a lot of orders on the weekend. We strive to clear the weeks backlog over the weekend in which your order was placed.  If you require fittings and valves from either stock items or specially made and we are out of stock I am at the mercy  of my suppliers for delivery times.  I am  increasing the stocking levels of standard fittings to help avoid any delays.  All orders are now shipped with stock at hand and any items out of stock will be marked to follow and willl be sent when new stock arrives.

Phone Calls

If we are unable to answer you call please leave your name and number and a brief message and we will return your call as soon as we can. The best form of contact is email


This is the preffered method of contact.